SDSS-III Colaboration Meeting - June, 25-28 2012

General Information

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An entry visa to Brazil may be required depending on your nationality. The request for a visa can be made at any Brazilian consulate overseas. A list of countries and cities that host Brazilian consulates can be found here. If needed, an invitation letter can be requested during the registration.

In particular, note that United States passport holders will need a physical visa in their passport. Visas must be applied for in person or through use of a visa service or agency. This process is essentially reciprocal to the process Brazilian citizens must go through to enter the US. This process may take anywhere from two weeks to two months, so please make your plane reservations and start early.

An attractive alternative is to use a visa agency who will handle the in-person part and thus allow you to conduct the process by mail. The Brazilian San Francisco Consulate lists the visa agencies as operating in San Francisco. Many operate in other consulate jurisdictions as well. Additional visa details can be found at the NYC Brazilian Consulate website.

You should request a tourist visa, which includes “participation as an attendee or speaker, not paid in Brazil in scientific or scholar conferences and seminars”. A letter of invitation will help smooth your visa to attend a conference/seminar. These can be requested during the registration.

You will also need a passort-style photo (2″ x 2″ with appropriate format and cropping). Be sure to make your flight reservations ahead of time and submit a copy of your itinerary along with your visa application. On the visa application form, you may fill in the following for Contact in Brazil:

Luiz Nicolaci da Costa
Rua General José Cristino, 77
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20921-400, Brazil
Office Phone: 55 21 3504-9165
Home Phone: 55 21 2235-2317
Cell Phone: 55 21 8843-2317

Please retain and save the immigration form you fill out on arrival.


The climate in the city of Rio de Janeiro is tropical. The average minimum and maximum temperatures in June are 18.7 ºC (65.7 F) and 25.2 ºC (77.4 F), respectively. There are on average 6 days of rain and the relative humidity ranges from ~60 to 90%. The weather forecast can be checked here.


The currency in Brazil is the Real (BRL or R$). Foreign currency (preferentially US dollars and Euros) may be exchanged at malls (Shopping Leblon, Rio Sul, Botafogo Praia Shopping), travel agencies and hotels. At the airport, you can exchange money at Banco do Brasil or Banco Safra (Terminal 1) and American Express or Banco Safra (Terminal 2). The exchange rates can be checked here. International credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants, stores, travel agencies, and touristic attractions.


International flights arrive at the Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro/Galeão – Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The best and most secure way to get to your hotel is taking a taxi or the shuttle service provided by some hotels (see accommodations below). We recommend the companies Transcopass, Cootramo and Coopertramo, which have a fixed price to take you to your destination. The current rate is approximately R$ 80 to Ipanema and Copacabana. You pay just before leaving the arrival area. The cars are red, blue and white, respectively.

You can also exit the airport and there will be yellow cabs (Aerotaxi and Aerocoop) just outside. They have a meter and a ride to Ipanema should cost about R$ 50. For current taxi fares in Rio de Janeiro, please check this website.

You can also book a shuttle service from the airport to your hotel.

The ride time depends on the traffic varying from 30 to 45 minutes. There are two possible ways to get from the airport to Ipanema. One across the mountain via Túnel Rebouças (normally the way the cabs take) or along the shore taking Aterro do Flamengo (more scenic).


Please, find below a list of recommended hotels. Hotels marked with * have rooms blocked until April 23, 2012. Hotels marked with * have rooms blocked until May 15, 2012. The period to make reservations with Ritha Pollmann in one of the blocked rooms of the recommended hotels has expired on May 15, 2012. If you have not made your reservations yet, please contact the hotels directly. If you need further assistance, please contact the LOC.

Some of the hotels offer low-cost shuttle service from the airport. Check their websites to find out more. Some of these hotels will be the pick-up and drop-out points for the free shuttle service hotel/meeting/hotel that will be offered to all participants.

Additional hotels can be found here.

In case of any problems with the reservations, please contact the LOC.


A prepaid lunch option (consisting of sandwich, fruit and soft drink) will be offered as part of the registration. It can also be bought (in cash) during the meeting.

Complete meals (consisting of meat/chicken/fish, as well as a variety of sides and salads) will be available at the restaurant located inside the Observatório Nacional campus. The system is to pay according to the weight of your meal and the price is ~ R$ 20 per 1 kg of food. Light meals (salads, quiche) and snacks can also be bought at the campus. See the map at Venue.

Additional options for lunch (with many food options at different prices, but typically more expensive than the campus restaurant) can also be found outside the campus (see the map below).

Cristóvão Restaurant: Complete meals (~ R$ 38 per 1 kg of food).
Dona Lourdes Restaurant: Complete meals with barbecue (~ R$ 25 per 1 kg of food).
Cidade do Porto Restaurant: Complete meals (~ R$ 32 per 1 kg of food).
Adegão Português Restaurant: Portuguese food (price varies depending on the meal).
Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas (closed on Monday): Typical food from the Northeast region of Brazil (price varies depending on the restaurant). We recommend the following restaurants: Barraca Asa Branca, Estação Baião de Dois and Porto Sirigado

Conference Dinner

For details about the conference dinner, please visit the Registration page.


There are many options for sightseeing at Rio de Janeiro. For complete guides, please check the Riotur and the Brazil Travel Information websites. We recommend that you extend your stay for a few days to enjoy the city.

Some of the above touristic activities can be booked with Ícone Viagens e Eventos. Please, contact Ritha Pollmann (ritha at for additional informations.