SDSS-III Colaboration Meeting - June, 25-28 2012


The 2012 SDSS-III Collaboration Meeting will be held at Observatório Nacional (ON), which is located at São Cristóvão neighborhood. A virtual tour through the campus of ON is available.

The meeting will take place in the following locations within the campus (see the map below):

Conference room 1 (122 seats) → Registration, plenary talks, parallel sessions and splinter meetings.
Conference room 2 (70 seats) → Parallel sessions and splinter meetings.
Conference room 3 (48 seats) → Parallel sessions and splinter meetings.
Conference room 4 (25 seats) → Parallel sessions and splinter meetings.
Campus restaurant → Complete meals (see General Information / Lunch).
Coffee breaks and conference lunchs.
Light meals and snacks.
Rua General José Cristino entrance (car/bus).
Rua General Bruce entrance (elevator).

Wireless internet access will be available at all conference rooms during the meeting. Smaller rooms for group meetings can also be requested.

The distance between Ipanema (where the recommended hotels are located) and Observatório Nacional is approximately 15 km (9 mi). The ride time depends on traffic conditions, varying from 30 to 40 minutes. Free shuttle service hotel/meeting/hotel will be provided to all participants. The buses will leave from some of the recommended hotels at pre-arranged times.

For those who prefer not to take the shuttle, taxis may be requested at the hotel’s front desk and should cost about R$ 30. For current taxi fares in Rio de Janeiro, please check this website.

The subway is the best public transportation option to go to Observatório Nacional. Note that the subway does not take you directly from the hotels to ON, so you will need to take an additional subway bus (number 209A). In order to do this, ask for a bus transfer ticket in the subway station (this ticket is called METRÔ + INTEGRAÇÃO EXPRESSA), before you board the subway. The ticket costs R$ 4,15 and includes an one-way ride in the subway and the bus.

Rio subway system has two lines (green and red) which share the same tracks between downtown and part of the South Zone. Make sure you board on the red subway line (check for the colors of the letters on the side of each subway car) going to ZONA NORTE. Leave the train at the ESTÁCIO subway station. The bus can be taken beside the street entrance of this station (point 1 in blue in the map below).

Estácio Subway Station – Exit West.
Bus Stop: Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas – São Cristóvão.
Bus Stop: São Cristóvão.
Cidade Nova Subway Station.
Praça Onze Subway Station.
Estácio Subway Station – Exit East.

When going to ON, the 209A bus (going towards SÃO CRISTÓVÃO) will follow the blue itinerary, and you should leave the bus at point 2, in front of the Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas.

When departing from ON to your hotel or downtown, the same bus (going towards ESTÁCIO) will follow the red itinerary. When you enter the bus, ask for a subway integration ticket (the same ticket you used: METRÔ + INTEGRAÇÃO EXPRESSA) and pay R$ 4,15 again. Take the bus at the bus stop in point 3. You can leave the bus either at points 4, 5 or 6, which corresponds to the subway stations CIDADE NOVA, PRAÇA ONZE and ESTÁCIO, respectively. Please, note that CIDADE NOVA is a green line station, so you will have to change to a red line train if your final destination is Copacabana or Ipanema.

Notwithstanding, we strongly recommend leaving the bus at the ESTÁCIO station, to avoid getting lost in the smaller streets in the neighborhood of the other stations.